PruningPruning is an integral part of the long term care of trees. It maintains the health of the tree whilst ensuring the tree is growing in the desired direction and within designated areas. Bayside Arbor’s qualified arborists are equipped to issue advice on how and when trees should be pruned to ensure the health and aesthetics of the plant is maintained.

The four main methods of pruning trees include thinning, topping, raising and reduction.

Thinning – To remove a branch at its base by cutting it away from the trunk
Topping – Removing all the tree’s branches
Raising – Removing lower branches to provide a higher clearance from the ground – ideal for walkways or over building structures
Reduction – Effectively reducing the overall size of the tree but keeping

Different trees should be pruned at different times of the year and each species is pruned slightly differently. Some basic pruning can be performed yourself but without proper training you can easily injure yourself and cause irreversible damage to the tree.

There are several reasons why a tree should be pruned, broadly;

– To remove dead branches
– Safety – large branches overhanging walkways or children’s play areas pose a potential risk
– Avoid Damage – branches overhanging roofs and structures have the potential to cause damage in the case of a storm
– Aesthetics – You’ve spent hours manicuring the lawns and cleaning the garden beds, its time to make the tree’s look the goods!

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